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JPG images reducer ka use kar Images ko SEO friendly kaise banaye.

Hello dosto ajj me apke lye ek esa artical laya hu jo apko blogging me bahuat help karega. Har blogger ki post me kuch images ki avsaykhta hoti hai.Kyuki aap kisi ko bhi bina images ke kuch samjana chae to sayad hi bhe samaj paye kyuki human ek tendency hoti hai ki bhe likhi hui chej ko itna jaldi yaad nhi kar pata jitna jadli use ek image se ho jata hai.Islye har post me ke image hona jaruri hota hai jo discribe karta hai ki post kis topic se realtive hai or dekhne bale ko ek hi baar me pta chal jata hai.JPG image editor ek esa editior hai jo un logo ke lye bahuat helpfull hai jin ke pass laptop , ya computer nhi hai or bo apni blogging apne phone se karte hai.
Jesaki hum jante hai ki images ke size bahuat bade hote hai jisse hamare blog ki post ka full page open hone me kafhi time lagta hai jisse humara kafhi traffic kam ho jata hai.Islye hame apne post ke lye kam size bali image chaiye hoti hai jo jaldi open ho jae.


JPG Image redurecer ek andriod aap hai jo kishi bhi prakar ki images ka size ko kaam karta hai chai bo KB me ho ya Phir MB me ho.

*Ise se Apki photo SEO friendly bhi banti hai.

Images ko SEO friendly tab kha jata hai jab bo bahuat hi kaam samay me open ho jaye or bo har tarike ke net par jald se jald open ho jaye.Image ka size jitna kam hoga apki image utno hi Achi SEO friendly hoti hai or jis imaze ka size jitna jada hoga bo image SEO friendly nhi hoti.Ye aap apko image ka size reduce yani kam karbe me madad karta hai.

Blogging me image ka sabse badha problem hai Islye maine socha is problem ke lye JPG image reducer app bahuat hi badiya hai. Iska use kana computer or laptop ke mukable bahuat esay hai.

Follow these simple steps:-

∆Step1-Sabse phele apko Playstore me search karna hai JPG image reducer uske baad isko install kar lena hai.

∆Step2-Install karne ke baad apko apne app ko open karna hai.Open karne ke baad Aap apse kuch permissions lega uske baad apka aap start ho jaega.

Images ka Size Reduce kaise kare???

∆Step1-Jaise hi appka aap open hoga to apko 2 box dikhege first jisme load option hoga.And second Action option ka box hoga.

∆Step2-load par click kar apko bo image select karni hai jiska apko size reduce karna hai.

∆Step3-Select karne ke baad apko Second option (Action) par click karna hai yha apko 5 option milage ge.Apko jadatar jin optiono ka use karna hai bo ye do hai.

•Option1-Reduce to % of original.
Iska matlab hai aap apni image ka kitna % kam karna chahte hai.yani 10% , 20% ...etc.

•Option2-Reduce to KB/MB
Iska matlab hai aap apni image ko jo MB ya KB me hai unko kitne KB/MB me reduce karna chahte hai.
Ab aap jinta chahe apni images ka size reduce kar sakhte hai.

Agar apko ye post achi lage to ise share jarur kare taki iske bare me sabko pta chal sake or un logo ki bhi help ho sakhe jinke pas PC ya laptop nhi hai.

What is GST (Goods and Services Tax) in full details.

What is GST ? I think at that time all of you know what is GST.Goods and Services(GST).In GST all the tax are include are in thier like(Tax , VAT etc).The indian government decided to india now realse the different types of taxes. So he decided to go take a decision in india all the cities are paid only one tax like GST.He gives only one tax.Now full explanation of GST(Goods and Servicea Tax).
Today know about on thats topics:-
•History of GST
•Taxation scheme
•Goods & Services Taxes Networks(GSTN)

What is Goods and Services Tax (GST) ?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) in an indricer tax which was introduced in Imdia on 1 july 2017 and was applicable throughout India which replaced multiple casadong taxes levied by the central & state government. It was introduced as The Constitution (One Hundred and First Amendment) Act 2017.Following the passage of constitution 122nd Amendment bill.The GST is government by a GST Council and its Chairman is the Fianance Minister Of India.Under GST .Goods and Services are taxed at the following rates,0.5% , 12% , 18% , and 28%.There is a special rate ,0.25% on rough precious and semi- pricious stone and 3% on gold. In addition a cess of 15% or other rates on top of28% GST applies on few times like aerated drinks , luxury cars and tabacoo prouducts.GST was initially proposed to replace a slew of indirect taxes with a unified tax and was therefore set to dramatically reshape the country's 2trillion dollar economy. The rate of GST in India is between double to four times that levied in other countries like Singapore.

           Bill 2014(One hundred and twenty)

                              Lok Sabha

          Constitution of India Amendment Bill

Enachted by             Rajay Sabha

Date passed.            03 August 2016

Date commenced.  1 July 2017

                Legislative history

Bill                             Bill 2014(one hundred and                                                     twenty) formed

Bill citation.            Bill No.192 of 2014

Bill published on   19 December 2014

Introduced by.         Arun Jaitley


The Reform process of Indians indirect tax regime was started in 1986 by Vishwanath Pratap Singh with the introduction of the modify Value Added Tax (MODVAT). A single common 'Goods and Services Tax'(GST) was proposed and given a go ahead in 1999 during a meeting between the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and his economic advisor panel which include 3 former RBI Governor IG Patel , Bimal Jalan and C Rangarajan Vajpayee set up a committee headed by the then finance minister of West Bengal, Asim Dasgupta to design a GST model.

The Ravi Dasgupta communities was also tasked with putting in a place the backend Technology and Logistic (later came to be known as the GST Network, or GSTN, in 2017) for rolling out a uniform taxation regime in the country. In 2013 the Vajpayee government fromed the task force under Vijay Kelkar to recommend tax reforms.In 2005, the Kelkar committee recommended rolling out GST as suggest by 12th finance commission.
After the fall of the BJP-led NDA government in 2004, and election of a Congress-led UPA government, the new finance Minister P Chidambaram in February 2006 continued work on the same and the proposed a GST rollout by 1st April 2010.However in 2010 with the Trunamool.
Congress routing CPI(M) out of power in West Bengal , Ashim Dasgupta resigned as the head of the GST committee Dasgupta admitted in an interview that 80% of the task has been done.
In 2014, the NDA government was Re-elected into power, this time under the leadership of Narendra Modi. With the consequential dissolution of the 15th Lok Sabha, the GST bill-approved by the standing committee for reintroduction- lapsed. 7 month after the formation of the Modi government, the new finance minister Arun Jaitley introduce the GST bill in the Lok Sabha, where the BJP has a majority. In February 2015, Jaitley set another deadline of 1st April 2016 to implement GST. In may 2016, The Lok Sabha passed the constitution Amendment Bill, paving way for GST. However, the Opposition,led by the Congress demanded that the GST will be against sent back to the section committee of the Rajya Sabha due to disagreements on serval statements in the Bill rating to taxation. Finally in August 2016, the Amendment Bill was passed. Over the next 15 to 20 days, 18 States ratified the GST bill and the President Pranab Mukherjee gave him assent to it.
A 21-member selection committee was formed to look into the proposed GST laws. State and union territory GST laws work passed by all the state and union territory of India except Jammu and Kashmir,paving the way for smooth rollout of the tax from 1st July 2017. There was to be no GST on the sale and purchase of securities. That continues to be governed by Security Transaction Tax(STT).

What is Share Market in full details.


The good and services tax was launched at midnight on 30 June 2017 by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi. The launch was marked by a historic midnight(30 June-1st July) session of both the houses of Parliament Convent at the Central Hall of the Parliament. Through the session attend by High-profile guests from the business and the entertainment industry including Ratan Tata, it was boycotted by the opposition due to the predicted problem that it was bound to lead to for the middle and lower classes Indians. It is one of the few midnight sessions that have been held by the parliament-the others seeing the declaration of Indian independence on 15 August 1947, and the silver and golden jubilee of the occasion.
Members of the Congress why boycotted GST launch altogether. They were joined by the member of the Trinamool Congress, communities parties of India and the DMK. This party reported that they found Virtually no difference between the GST and the exiting taxation system, claiming that the government was trying to early rebrand the current taxation system. They also argued that the GST would increase exiting rates on the common daily goods while reducing tax on luxury items, and affect many Indian adversely, specially the middle, lower middle and poorer class.

Taxation scheme

Taxes subsumed

The single GST replaceable form taxes and levies which included: central excise duty, service tax, additional customs duty, state level value added tax , Octori and Subcharges. Other levies which where applicable on inter-State Transportation of good have also been done away with in GST regime. GST is levied on all transactions such as sale, transfer, purchase, barter, lease, I import of good and/or services. India adopted a dual GST model, meaning that taxation is administrated by both the Union and State governments. Transaction made within a single state are livid with Central GST (CGST) why the central government and state GST (SGST(why the Government of that state. For inter-estate transactions and import good and services, an integrated GST (IGST) is levied by Central Government GST is a consumption-based tax, therefore, complicates tax collection for state government by disabling them from collecting the tax owed to them directly from the central government. Under the previous system, hi state would only have to deal with a single government in order to collect tax revenue.


The GST is imposed at different rate on different items. The rate of GST is 18% for soaps and 28% on washing detergents. GST on movie ticket is based on slabs, with 18%GST for ticket that cost less than Rs.100 and 28% GST on ticket costing more than Rs.100. The rate on under construction property booking is 12%. Some industries and products were accepted by the government and remain and text under GST, such as dairy products, products of milling industries, fresh vegetables and fruits, meat product, and other groceries and necessities.
The introduction of the GST increased the cost of most consumer good and services in India including food, Hotel charges, insurance and cinema tickets. Upon its introduction in the country, GST led tour number of protests why the business community, primarily due to an increase in overall taxes and hence the prices of goods.
Checkposts across the country were abolished ensuring free and fast movement of goods.
The central government had proposed to include the revenues of the state from the impact of GST, with the exception that in due course, GST will be levied on petroleum and petroleum products. The central government had assured state of compensation for any revenue loss in crude why the form the date of GST for a period of 5 years. However, no contract laws have had been made to support such action.

Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN)

As per the government website on GST,"goods and services tax goods and services tax" Netwirk(GSTN) is a non-profit organisation proposed to be form for creating a website /platform for all the concerned parties related to the GST, namely stakeholder, Government and taxpayers to collaborate on a single portal. When up and running, the portal is supposed to be accessible to the central government which allows it to track down every transaction on its and wild taxpayers are advertised to have the ability of connecting this to their tax returns. However its efficacy and efficiency is yet to be tested. The it network was started to be developed by unnamed private firms. The no authorised capital of GSTN is ₹10 crore (US$1.6 million) which Central Government holds 24.5% of shares while the State Government for smooth running of the transactions.
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Top 7 Historical Place in the World.

Hello friends, Aaj me apke lye esa artical laya hu jisse aap apne nature ke prti or pyaar karne lagege kyuki mai aaj apko apne natuare ki kuch amazing palaces jisse aap jankar bha jane ke lye jarur utable hoge kyuki ye duniya ki '7' asi atihasik jaghe hai jo banai gyi hai manav duara aur prakartike duara.
Ye duniya manav , Prakartik ke dura nirman ki gyi adhbhut chejo se bhari hui hai.Hiatorical wondered dura banai gyi itni dari lovely aur unreality hiatorical places hai.Kabhi - kabhi to ine ek sath iktha karna bhi muskil ho jata hai.Esi jaghe jakar apko jo sakon milta hai bo apko sayad hi apni jindgi mai kabhi khi mil paye.

Machu Picchu

Achho pichoo, peroo, Yoonesko , inkaan sabhyta dakshinee peroo mein sthist yah barbaad hua shahar ek parvat ke upar sthit hai jo ki train ya chaar divaseey yaatra se hee bha par pahucha ja sakhta hai or bha par pahuchne ka koi dusra sadhan nhi hai.Ye place 1911 mein Hiram bingham duara phir se khoja gya tha.Ye inki sabhhyata ke lie ek mahatvapon sanskrti kendr tha ,lekin jab is kshetr par spanish par hamla kiya gya tha tab use chaod diya gya tha.(Ye shahar 'Vilcabamba' ke naam se jana jata hai).1983 mein wk yooneako vishu dharohar sthal bana tha , aur ise 2007 mein vishv ke nae saat aashcharyon main se ek ka naam diya gya tha.Badhti jansankhya me paryatako kee bhi sankya badhne ki wajah se sait par kitne log pravesh kar sakhte hai, isakee seemaen badhee hai, haalaanki cabel kya aavashyak hai ka ekansh ummeed hai ki be or adhik simat kar denge taaki yah sait saikadon varshon se adhik ho sakhe.


Maayan city -apne raajy us Sabhyata ke sabse bade aut sabase achchhe sanrakshit
Khandadaron meim se ek hai, aur klaasik avadhi (200-900AD) ke dauraan maaya sansaar mein ek prabhaavashalee bal tha Guatemala mein sthit yah jagah aapko suvah ke ant mein ya der raat mein apne bheetar indiyaana jons ka anubhav karane deta hai jab paeyatak ghar jaate hain aur yah sirph aap aur jangal hai. Yah bahuat shaant hai, aur park main raaat bitaana sunishchit karen, Kyuki aap vaastav mein bheed ke bina ise dekhane ke lie milate hain. Mujhe mandiron ke upae se sunshine dekhne mein vishesh roop se aanand milata tha (Random trivia:The city at the end of star wars:A new hope? Tikal!)

The Oyramids at Giza

Yhe 3000 se zyaada saal puraana hai,aur hamaare pass abhee bhee ek achchha vichaar nahin hai jaisa ki ve kaise banae gae ya misriyon ne unhen itanee sateek kaise banaaya (eliyans shaamil the kya?).Teen piraamid aitaaron aur solateses se sanrekhit hote hain jo abhee tak nahi hue(aur ho bhi nhi sakhte )mera matalb hai,ve un chote kakshon ko kaise banaate the jahaan log bhee kam nhi kar sakhte?Sabse bada ek ,jise mahaan piraamid kaha jaata hai,ka nirman firaun khupoo duaara kiya gya tha aur isakee pahunch seemit hai.Piraamid vasstav mein maanav injeniyaring ka chamatkar hau jo raajaon ke lie phit tha (aap spinks ke pass ,ek aur aithaasik sthal bhee paenge ,jinake rahasyon ne shodakartaon ko roka hai aur kaee saajish siddaanton ka vishay hai.)

Angkor Wat

kambodiya mein yah praacheen shahr khamer samraajy ka kendr tha jisane ek baar dakshinaporv eshiya ke adhikaansh raajyon par shaasan kiya tha.Yah samraajy giraavat mein gir gya,leki  saikado varso ke lie jangal duara phir se praapt kie jaane vaale adbhut mandiron aur imaarton ka nirmaan karne se phale nhi.
Halaki angakor vaat parytakon ke saath paik kiya jaata hai.Yah abhee bhee dekhane ke lie lubhaavanee hai.Aur uttar aur dakshin ke mandir kshetr mukhy mandir samooh ke e tulana mein bahut kam paryatakon ko dekhate hain.(Halaanki jaahir hai,unamen se kuchh abhee patthar kee dher ke dher hai.)
Sabse lokapiry mandir angkor wat,bayon,ta phrom,aur angakor thom , aur ve hamesa bheed hai.Vaastav mein mandiron ka anubhav karane ke lie ,aapako teen -ya paanch-divaseey pass kharedana hoga.Yaatra ka sabse acha samay subah jaldee hee shuroo ho jaate hai jab bade daure vaale samooh pahunchate hain aur ve chale jaane ke baad der se rahate hain.


Sabse lokapiry mandir angkor wat,bayon,ta phrom,aur angakor thom , aur ve hamesa bheed hai.Vaastav mein mandiron ka anubhav karane ke lie ,aapako teen -ya paanch-divaseey pass kharedana hoga.Yaatra ka sabse acha samay subah jaldee hee shuroo ho jaate hai jab bade daure vaale samooh pahunchate hain aur ve chale jaane ke baad der se rahate hai
Arabaah,jordan mein ek ghaatee mein taraajoo,petra teesaree indiyaana jons philm duara prasiddh jab vah pavitr kanghee banaanevaale kee retee ko khojane ke lie gya tha.1812 mein ek svis eksaplorar duarasait "kee khoj kee gaee"thee, jo vahaan sthaaneey janajaatiyon ka anusaran karata tha,isase pahale,yah pashchimee duniya ko bhool gaya tha yadyapi isakee sthaapana agyaat hai,aisa prateet hota hai ki yah sthaan 6 veen shataabdee eesa poorv ke basane ke roop mein tha.Roman shaasan ke tahat,sait tejee se giraavat aaee aur chauthee sadee ke ant tak ise chhod diya gaya.1985 mein ,petra yoonesko kee vishv dharohar sthal ban gaee aur haal hee mein vishv ke naye saat aashcharyon mein se ka naam rakha gaya tha.


England ke salisbury ke nikat sthit is megaalithik sanrachana 3,000 varsh puraanee hai,aur isake patthae vels se sabhee tarah se aate hain. Vidvaano ko ab bhee yakeen nahi hai ki bildaron ko pattharon ko kaise mila aur is kaam ko doharaane kee koshish kee,jisake kaaran niraashaajanak parinaam saamane aae.isake alaava,ham cabel isake uddeshy ke lie ek aspasht vichaar hai(hum mool roop se sirph anumaan lga rhe hai). Stonenenge ab band hai,aur ab aap sarkal mein nahi ja sakhte hain. Aagntuk cabel aakarshan ke aasapass chal sakhte hain lekin isake peeche rashay aur ek utkrsht aur vistrt odiyo yaatra ka daura karane laayak hai.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal , Agra ,Bhaarat, samraat shaahajahaan kee mrtak patnee ,yoonesko ke lie sangamaramar kee kabr 1600 ke dasak mein nirmit , bhaarat mein Agra , is imaarat mei  avinaashee prem ke lie ek vaseeyatanaama hai.Samraat Shah jahan's kee mrtak patnee ke lie nirmit is white sangamarmar kee kabr ek doosre ke lie dekhana chaaie.1983 mein ,ise yoonesko kee vishv dharohar sthal ka naam diya gaya tha aur ise vishv ke naye 7 aashcharyon mein se ek naam diya gyatha.Taj saalaaana do aur chaar laakh paryatan ke beech mein dekhata hai,isalie is sait ko bachaane mein madad karane ke prayaas mein paryatan par haaliya pratiband hain. Halaanki ,sabse bada khtra vaayu pradoosan hai jo sangamarmar ko nasht kar rha hai.

To aab aap jaan hi gye hoge ki ye duniya ki "7" atihasik jagahe jo gumne ke lye bahuat hi achi hai or jiski jankari hume jarur honi chaiye kyuki ye ase taknik se nirmit hai jiska pta abhi tak kuch logo ko pta bhi nhi hai.
Islye apko bhi in jaghe par gumne jarur jana chaiye. Taki aap khud ine dekhe uar iske barre mai jane.
Agar aapko ye jankari achi lagi ho to comment kar apna feedback de jisse mai apke lye ese aur bhi article lekar ao.Ha aur ise share karna na bhule.
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NEWS ya Samaachaar kya hai in hindi.

Hello friends jesa ki aap topik dekh kar samaj gye hoge ki aaj ka article kis topick par hai (News in hindi). Chailye aab topic par aate hai acha mai apse ek sabal puchu aap me se kitne log aise hai jine NEWS ka full form pta hai sayad 50% hi hoge. Lekin jo 50% log jante bhi hoge bo bas itna hi jante hoge ki desh videsh ki khabre btane bala news hota hai. Par esa nhi News ka full form hai NEWS(North , East ,West and south) kya apko pta tha.Agar apko pta tha than okk.
Aj hum log is article me in topic ki jankari jane ge
1.News/Samaachaar kya hai.
2.News ya Samaachaar ko likhne ke bishay ya Subject.


News ya samaachaar ghtnao ke bare me jankari hai jo hume patrkaro ke dura by bolne se ,newspapaer par, or post , telecast , internet medium , by self publish ki daura kai alag alag media ke madyam se News/Smachar uplabd karte hai.
Simple me khe to News/Samaachaar kya hoti hai uske me btata hu news ek ase word hai jiske bare me ek younger se lekar older tak sabhi jante hai kyuki ye hume hamare desh aur vides or local sabhiki hume sari jankari uplabd karta hai.

News/Samaachaar ko likhne ke bishay/subject

News/Smachar ke lye journaly bisay me samil hai yudh (war) , Sarkar(Goverment) , Rajniti (polictics) , Sikhsa(education) , Pryabaran(Enviroment) , Earthbibasth(Economy) , Byabshay(Business) & Manoranjan(Entratainment) , and also very popular any many people loves a atheleatics(Sports) , Bichitra(Amazing) ya asamany(Abnormal) ghatnaye.Sahi smaharo(Royal Ocassion) , kanon(Police) , Kar(Tax) , Sarabjanik syasth() , Apradhiyo ke bare me sarkari ghosna(Goverment decision) , Prachin kaal (Historical) ke bisay par News/Smachar ko likha ya show kiya jata hai.
Human , Sikhne aur saajha karne ki ek lagbag sarbhomik icha prakat karte hai.Jo be ek dusre se baat kar aur jankari share kare hai. Takniki aur Smajik (technology & Socail) vikas , jo aksar sarkari sanchar air jasusi network duara sanchalit hote hai , ne gati badha di hai iski samgri ko prbhabit kiya ja sakhta hai.News/Samaachaar ki jo hum saali jis prakar jante hai , bhe ajkal News/smachar ya Akhbar ke sath joda hua hai.Jo China me bulletin ke roop me ubhri hai or failta hai, kagaj or Printing prace ke sath Europ me.



Angrejee shabd News/Samaachaar 14th stavdhi ke "NAYA" subdh ske bahuvachan ke upyog se bna hai.Middel english me jaise samakaksh sabdh nya tha jaise frecnh novel aur German nenews.Isi trah kee ghayaye French novel.


Jaisa ki iska naam "NEWS/SAMAACHAAR" aam tor par nayi jankari dete hai.News/Samaachaar ki newness yhe ek unlimited quality pradan karti hai jo ise ithas ya any genius ki adhik sabdhani purbak janch se alag karta hai. Jabki other prakiriya ke karano se sambandiht pratikaran ke roop me ghatnao ko dekhte hai.Smachar khaniyo ghatno ka barnar karti hai.Or inke beed sambandit ghatno ke beech ki charcha ki bahisskar karneke lye hoti hai.News bartman me ya tahkal atit me duniya ka baran karta hai.Bale hi ek samaachaar khani ke sabsw mahatvpurn pahalo ka atit me lambe smay se hua ho ya bahisya me hone ki sambhabna hai.
Kahbro ki newness ka ek any prabmnaam yhe hai ki , nai takhnik ke jariye samaachaaro ko aur adhik tazi se prasharit karne ke lye nai media samsksh hoti hai.
News/Smachar ki bhomika humare givan me bahuat hai kyuki ye humare desh me kranti lane ke lye sabse aham tha Jab india pe Britis sarkar ka raaj tha tab unke khilaf har jaghe se kranti news paoer ke dura hi hui.Jab desh me 2nd world bar hui thi tab bhi logo ko uski khabar News/Samaachaar se hi prapt hoti thi.Jisse logo ko war ke baare me jnkri hoti thi.Lekin aaj ke jamane me News/ Samaachaar ka roop hi badal gya hai.

News/Samaachaar ke roop

90es me News/Samaachaar ke cabel kuch hi roop the jaise Radio aur smachar patr.lekin badlte smay me iska bhi roop badal gya ajj ki news/smachar aap khi bhi or kisi bhi samay ke sakhte hai agar aap live news chahte hai to aap kisi bhi khabar ki live news bhi jan sakhte hai.Ye sab badle technic ka kamal hai.Jaise hi 20 stabdhi ayi to news ka kuch naye sadhan aye jaise Tv, Mobile , internet jaise hi inka ana suru hya raido ki maang kam ho gyi.Ajj hum ghar badhte tv par kisi bhi khabar ko bilkul live dekh sakhte hai.

News ya Samachaar Patr ke naam

Top 10 Hindi News paper

1.Denik jagran
3.Dainik Bhaskar
4.Rajasthan Patrika
5.Amar Ujala
7.Navbharat times
8.Hari Bhoomi
10.Punjabi kesri

Top10 Englis Mewspaper

1.The times of india
2.Hindustan times
3.The hindu
4.Mumbai Mirror
5.The telegraph
6.The Economic Times
7.Mid Day
8.The Tribune
9.Deccan Herald
10.Deccan Chronicle.

Top 10 Regional Dailes

1.Malayala Manorama(Malayalam)
2.Daily thanthi(Tamil)
5.Anandabazar Patrika(Bengali)
7.Gujrat Samachar(Gujrati)

Jaise apne uppar diye gye list me dekh hi liye honge top10 news paper.Bese bhi ajj ke jamane me bina news paper ya news/smachar ke ke aap aise hai jaise aap ia duniya ke nhi hai kyuki bina news ke aap nhi jan sakhte hai ki desh me kya chal rha gai . Humari earthbyabsta kaisi hai aur bahuat si jarori baat jine aap janne se banchit rhe jayege.News humare jindgi ke lye bahuat jaruri hai kyu ki aaj kal bina new ke a update nhi rhe sakhte.Ajj ke jamane me apko koi news paper kharidene ki bhi jaroorat nhi hai kyuki aaj kal hum apne phone par internet ke dura news dekh or padh sakhte hai.Ab to cable padhne ki baat nhi rhi aap apne smartphone me direct live bhi dekh sakhte gai ji ha internet se aap vedio me news dekh sakhte hai is lye ye apka time bhi bachata hai.Or bhi iske khafi fayde hai..

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Domain Name Kya Hai or Kaise Kaam Karta hai in Hindi.

Hello dosto Aaj Mai Aap Ke Liye blogging ke Chetra Se Ek Nayi post Leke Aaya Hoon Jiska topic hai Domain name kya hai aur kaise kaam karta hai in Hindi.
Jab Bhi Apne Koi website open ki Toh Apne us website ka domain name Jarur Dekha hoga aapke Man Mein Ek prashna zaroor utha hoga Ki ek website or domain name ka kya sambandh hota hai. Toh main Keh sakta Hoon  key domain name  ki help Se Hum Internet par  website ko  search kar sakte hain jaise ye Hamara domain name hai is search kar aap humari website ko dekh sakte hai is prakar ye ek friendly domain naming system. Jis Se Hum Kisi webpage ya web server Pata Laga sakte hain. Hame pata hai aap logo ko domain ke baare mein thodi bahuat jankari to hogi. Toh maine socha Kyun Na is incomplete jankari ko pura kiya jae. Taki aap logo ko domain name se related Koi samasya Na Rahe.

Aaj hum is article me in topics ke bare me Janege.
1.Domain name Kya Hai?
2.Domain name kaise kaam Karta hai in Hindi?
3.Types of Domain name.
i)TLD(Top level Domains)
ii)CCTLD(Country Code Top Level Domains)
4.Subdomain name Kya hai.
5.Domain name or URLs same nhi hote.
6.Top domain name provider list.
7.Tips for purchase Good Domains name.

Domain Name Kya hai?

Sab Jante Hain domain name kya hai.blogging karne ke baad aapko Apne block ko professional block banane ke liye ek domain ki avashyakta hoti hai isliye aapko Ek accha or best domain ke baare mein pata hona chahiye jo aap apne blog par use kar sakte hain. Domain name ki aapko Puri Jankari honi chahiye isliye aaj ke is article main aapko Domain name ke baare mein bataunga aur uski Puri Jankari Doonga Hindi mai. Chaliye baat karte hain  Domain name ya DNS (Domain Naming System). Ek Aisa registration Hai Jis Mein Hum Kisi website ko Internet mein identify kar sakte hain Kisi bhi website ki baat kare toh Sabhi background Mein Kisi Na Kisi IP address Se Juda hote hain. IP address(Internet protocol address) yeh ek numerical address as browser ko batata hai ki Internet mein kaha website mojud hai simple Bhasha Mein Kahin Toh Hum logo ko aashan Cheez Hai Yaad rehti hai. Usi Tarah website ka ba Naam hota hai ab aap soch sakte hain ki domain name ek esha naam hai jaise ki Hum Yaad Rakh sakte hai Kisi IP address in human readable version IP address ka.
Domain name ki help Hame ek ya usse Adhik IP address dondh sakte hain. Example Ke tor Par domain name sacro IP ko refer karta hai domain name ka upyog URls may be Hota Hai Kisi particular Web page ko dodne Main.
Example in URL:
Ise Domain name hai

Domain name kaise kaam karta hai in hindi?

Mai aap logo ko ye batana Chahta Hoon Ki Sabhi website ek server main host ya Store ke hote hain domain name us server IP ko point kiye hota hai.Jab bhi aap Kisi website or URL Apne URL bar mein add karte tabhi aapke domain name ki madad se aapke server IP ko point Karta Hai. Jis Se aap apne khoJe gye website ko dekh Pate Apne browser main. Isi Tarah hi aap logo website dekh sakte pate Hai.

Types of Domain name

Waise toh Internet mein bahut saare domain name uplabdh hai lekin aaj main aap logo ko to Sabhi Prakar se jo bahut important hai unhi ke baare mein bataunga. Takia Jab Bhi aap Koi domain name choose Kare Toh aapko Badhi Asani ho sake Kyunki Internet bahuat domain name Hai jisse aap confuse Jarur Ho sakte hain isliye mai aap ko cable important domain name ke baare mein bataunga.

1.TLD-Top Level Domains

Top level domain Ko hum Internet domain extension ke naam se bhi Jante Hain. Yeh Woh Akhri Wala Hissa ha Jahan domain name Khatm Hota Hai.Dot ke baad ka hissa.Ise sabse phele develop kiya gya tha.Is domain se aap apni website ko asani se rank kar sakhte hai.Ye bahuat hi jada SEO(Search engine operating) friendly hai.Ise Google Search Engine bhi Jyada importance deta hai.
Example TLD Extension ke jisse koi bhi kharid sakhta Hai.
For , , ,

2.CcTLD-Country Code Top Level Domains

Is prakar domian ka istemal ammtor par particular desh ke Nazar me rakhakar kiya jata Hai. kiss desh ke Do letter ISO  CODE ke adhar par registar Hota Hai. Example ke lye kuch important Domin extension diye hai.
i).us(United States)

Subdmain name Kya Hai.

Aap ko to pata chal gaya Hoga ke Domain Kya Hai. for subdomain aapke main domain name ka ek part hota hai. Subdomain Ko kharida Nahi Jata. Agar aapne koi  be top-level domain name kharid liya hai to aap usse subdomain name may be divide kar sakte hai jaise ki Mera LTD Name hai aur Main essay desi or English mai divide kar sakta Hoon. Yeh bilkul free Hota hai iske liye aapko Koi but paise Nahi Dena padta hai.
Waise to domain name ke aur bhi bahuat se Prakar hai lekin aamtor par Blog/website banana je lye unka use nhi karte hai.Ek bahaut important baat me apko bta deta hu ki aap Hindi me bhi Domain kharid sakhte Hai.

Domain name or URL same nhi hote

Agar technically baat kare to domain name Ek chota sa hissa Hai Bade Internet address jaise ki 'URL' kehte hain .'URL' mein hum bahut se chejo Ka Pata Laga Sakte domain name se Muqabla jaise ki specific page address ,  folder name , machine name and protocol language.
Udharn ke tor par URL(uniform resource locator pages) unke domain Naam Bold kar diya gaya hai.

Top Domain Name provider list

Agar aap khud ke liye apne business ke liye website banana chahte hain toh aap khudbhi Domain kharid sakte hain lekin uske liye aapko Kisi acche domain name service provider set domain main account register karke naya aur unique domain name karidna hoga. Neeche main kuch top domain provider ki list the rakhi hai aapke liye aap in Mein Se Kisi Ko Bhi chun sakte hain.
1. bigrock
2. godaddy
8.Ewap guru

Tips to Purchase Good Domain Name

1.Hamesha short domain name ka selection Kare jo Yaad rakhne me asana ho.
2. Aisa domain name Rakhe jo ki Yaad rakhne type karne mein and Bolene me easy Ho.
3.kisi doosre se milta domain name na ho aur to aur kahfi unique ho jisse aap aasani se brand kar sakhe.
4. Is name me special characters jsise ki hyphen and numbers ko Sambhav na rakhe.
5. Hamesha top level domain Lene Ki Koshish Kare jis ki puri Duniya Mein Sabhi log pehchante Hain.
6.Aapka domain name aapke business ya business profile se sambandhit ya Milta julta hona chahiye aapko brand Banane Mein Asani Hogi.

Aakhir mein main aap logo ko ye batana Chahta Hoon Ki domain name, Chota aasani se Yaad rakhne wala address hona chahiye server ka technical address IP(Internet protocol address).
Aap logo ko maine domain in Hindi ke baare me Puri Jankari Diya aur Main Asha Karta Hoon ki aap logo is Internet term ke baare mein samajh aa gaya hoga Mera Aap Sabhi readers se Guzarish hai ki aap logo ko iski jankari .Apne Aas pass, rishtedar , Apne friends Tak share Kare jaise ki Hamare beech Jagrukta ho aur Sab ko bahut Labh Ho. Mujhe aap logo ka support chaiye Jaise Main Aur bhi nahi Jankari aap ko upland kra saku. Meri to Hamesha yeah koshish rahti  hai ki main Hamesha Apne reader ki har trah see help karo jisse aap logo ko Kisi bhi Tarah ki confusion na ho. Agar apko koi problem ho to aap  comment kar puch sakhte ho.Agae apko accha laga to comment kar apna feedback.
Thankyou for reading...

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