iPad Mini or Nexus 7 Which one to choose?

First , Display
Nexus 7 will have higher resolution (and thus a lot of ppi) whereas iPad mini has superb color saturation which suggests you’ve got just one possibility , If u wish brittleness get N7 , whereas if u wish screen to pop colours nicely , get Mini.As so much as show is bothered 163 ppi is not that unhealthy for average users.For those that square measure exploitation iPad 3 for a moment or iPhone 4 , 4S , 5 or iPod bit fourth would feel that this show is not smart however remaining individuals would extremely do not knock in it.

Web browsing and reading , I feel that 4:3 screen will higher in internet browsing because it has giant screen estate and additionally throughout landscape , 3/4th screen is roofed by N7 keyboard and virtual buttons.

iPad Mini or Nexus 7 Which one to choose?

iPad Mini or Nexus 7 Which one to choose?

Not to forget that Screen space of iPad so much massive compared to N7 (As we tend to all understand that screen is measured in diagonal length).

Another reason why I decide mini is as a result of it’s a good screen and it already will run all apps and games while not would like of additional work as a result of it carries same chip and determination of iPad two.So you’ll be able to merely transfer and run all apps/games with none waiting.

Second is Processor ,
Most would be thinking mini RAM is just [*fr1] gig whereas N7 has one GB RAM , however in universe usage , iPad mini offers terribly swish expertise compared to N7.One could notice that N7 is lagless however if u square measure coming back from Windows Phone or iOS , N7 does not feels ‘right’ , it feels as if one thing is missing and people stutters extremely provide unhealthy expertise as a result of u square measure defrayal 20k however not five or 6k.

Recent 4.2 Jellybean update virtually halt N7 , everything runs slow and ton of users say its intolerable currently (don’t believe Pine Tree State ? google it) and to not forget that Tegra three is unhealthy in GPU.

Third is Apps ,
This is the final word reason why anyone can decide iPad over the other tablet.Most of the time , I pay within apps however i do not waste time with custom ROMs or tinkering with wallpapers or widgets and find yourself “setting the device” quite “using it”.

Apps square measure awe-inspiring , if u square measure coming back from larger iPad or from iPod bit , all those previous apps u bought can work simple and Cloud set possibility in games transfers all urban center scores , achievements through iCloud (assuming u use same account throughout activation).

Everything works seamlessly and mini has rotating mechanism also (N7 too).

Fourth is camera ,
There is nothing wrong with exploitation tablet’s camera , i take advantage of it all time and mini includes a HD camera for video occupation and back has 5 MP camera with 1080p recording.
Quality of footage is awe-inspiring and that i am positive , its one amongst the most effective cameras around , to shoot 1080p video if u wish it handy.

Using image stream , all photos are gone to urban center laptop and alternative Apple devices (assuming u have WLAN since this model does not supply cellular)

Fifth is Updates ,
Apple is usually on time with updates , no delays associate degreed N7 too however iPad has edge as a result of i’m positive it’ll be supported longer (As an example , Google stopped supporting Nexus one with 2.3 , Nexus S with four.1 and Galaxy Nexus for sure will not get 5.0 , particularly once 4.2 update which nearly created GN die)

Sixth is Battery ,
iPad is far and away the most effective device overall in battery department , reliableness is high whereas N7 battery can become shorter and shorter as u increase exploitation widgets , flash (unofficial) and a lot of apps run background.At first each devices get same battery however as time passes most android devices find yourself with shorter and shorter battery lives attributable to heaviness of robot.

Seventh is Build quality ,
Once hold each devices and u can mechanically comprehend it.

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