Amazing Ways To Having Fun In GTA 5

Aj hum apko Gta V game ki 20 esi amazing cheje bateyge jisse aap Gta V ke jitne dibane the usse or bhi dibane ho jayege kyuki ye is game ki best 20 things hai jo aap game mai dekhege or une kar sakhte hai.Base to Gta game ke jitne divane hoge bo jante hi hoge ki Gta game kaisa hai or Gta apne game ke bahut parts launch kar chuka hai par Gta V is game mai bahuat kuch additional cheje hai jo is game ko or intersting banata hai.Baise is game ke bare sabhi jante hoge ki yai game kaisa kyuki yai game bahuat se desho me khela jata hai.Phir bhi me apko bta deta hu.Gta ek esa game hai jo hamari real life ka copy game hai bas is game me ye change hai ki hum jo apni real life me nhi kar pate hai bo hum is game me kar sakhte hai.Jaise costly bikes,cars , hellicoptar, Airoplane etc chla sakhte hai jo hum apni real life me sayad kabhi na kar paye is game ko popular hone ka ek reason sayad ye bhi hai.Gta V or Gta se thoda differnt hai kyuki is game me hume animals,fish etc things dekhne ko milegi.This Game is the best game off the world.

6 amazing way have to fun GTA V


GTA5's ke cheat PC ke bane hue hai.Yai midifires ir activated hote hai typing code in the console summoned by the tilde key-can enable invincibility (PAIN-KILLER),Agar aap fly karna chahte hai to (SKYFALL),Agar aap apne punch ko bahuat power full banana chahte hai to(HOTHANDS)or apne aim ko slow motion ke lye (DEADEYE).Agar aap wanted level ko  jaldi start karna chahte hai or a car chase (FUGITIVE) or aap tej bagna chahte hai to(CATCH ME) to aap escape sai bach sakhte hai.
Agar aap cheats ko activates karege to aap us  session mai achivements disables ho jayegi.

Buring things

Find kare a jerrycan or phir ek purchase kare an AmmuNation store for $25 and you can pour the flammable fluid as you please,possible spelling your name which you are creative type.Yo ignite the fuel , aap shoot kare or phir bha throw a Molotov kare aur phir us place sai run kare.Aap trial kar sakhte hai peyrol pump and blow the station sky -high?Yaad rakhe ache log in sab ko pasand nhi karte.

Literally become an animal 

Aap consume kar sakhte hai apeyote plant or take a  hallucinatory trip into body of an animal.Yha 27 dun sakhte hai aap chalo kar sakhte hai,Aap search kar sakhte hai at the top of mountain Chiliad by some small red flags,around the back of los santos customs near airport,and underwater at the end of Del perro pier.agar aap ek bird chahte hai to mil jayegi.Cat ke bare mai pta karna chahte hai to kar sakhte hai.
All animals are present in there.

Flip people off

Switch to 'unarmed' while driving a vechile,then press fire to flip the bird and deliver drive -by abuse to pefestrians.It's probably the most GTA thigs you can do,in that it's both morally dibious and hilarious.
Although,come to think of it ,driving a free engine on the pavemwnt and wiping out civilians is slightly more GTA.

Fly a blimp

Take the Atomic blimp for a ride at night over Los Santos or enjoy kare in the city in all Neon Glory -particularly stunning on PC.Bilkul  ek sundar bahan par chalne mai dima ye apke lye maje dar nhi hoga kyuki ye hamesa jump karta hai in a Hydra jet and below it up earn both a spectacular explosion and wanted rating from the fuzz.

Make everything cinematic

GTA 5 mai ek nya option hai suite of vedio creation tools jo GTA 4 mai nhi hai.Chala sakhte hai apni story or unlocks kar sakhte hai characters with in directer mode,Or select kare  time or day or cheat ka istemal kar apna scenes ka tailor launch kare.leave the function of action reply or caputer kare mad happenings online and in single pluaer mode.

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